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Petrus Martens resides in Mid-Michigan. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Florida State University and studied printmaking, sculpture and painting at Yale University. While predominantly a painter, he has recently taken great interest in vintage-travel print advertising.

This most recent work, demonstrates his appreciation for the subject matter, colors, composition and the craftsmanship employed in early 20th century printmaking.



All prints are meticulously printed in Michigan using fine quality, archival paper and lightfast inks in a standard frame size. Similar to travel posters of the early 20th century, each print has a substantial border making matting unnecessary when framed.

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PLEASE NOTE: The artwork seen on this website is only sold online here at and a select few online Michigan based retailers. Recently, I have discovered stolen images of my art being sold on Amazon, Wallmart, Society 6 and RedBubble. I do not sell my Artwork thruough these companies. 

Celebrating over 15 Years! Petrus Martens has been producing original vintage style travel prints that are inspired by the subject matter, color and design seen in a foregone era of printmaking. These completely new and original lithographs are a series of works that represent several well-known locations in the Grand State of Michigan, The Great Lakes Region and beyond.