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Mullett Lake Vintage Style Travel Poster Art |Print No 112

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Mullett Lake Vintage Style Travel Poster Art |Print  No 112

Located in Cheboygan County, Mullett Lake is named after John Mullett. Together with William A. Burt., he surveyed this northern Michigan Lake in the middle of the 19th Century. Mullett Lake is part of Michigan’s Inland Waterway Route which connects to Burt lake by the Indian River. Known for a state record Lake Sturgeon, many types of fish can be found here.

Inspired by the work of these two individuals and the important work they did together, it was fitting to create the Burt and Mullett Lakes prints as a diptych design that actually connect to each other.

This Michigan art is designed in a vintage travel poster style. My originally designed Michigan travel poster is a giclee print using archival heavyweight paper with a matte finish. This Michigan wall art is also created in a standard frame size, hand signed and sealed by the artist. These Great Lakes art posters will compliment any living room, bedroom or entranceway. They also look great in your office or cottage. My vintage posters come in a variety of sizes so you can hang them individually or group them salon style. Made in Michigan. NOTE: This electronic image has been watermarked to prevent illegal copyright use. Purchased artwork from Martens Printworks will not have a watermark.